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Continuous Chest Compression CPR—University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center

Be a lifesaver; not a bystander. Learn Continuous Chest Compression CPR from Gordon A. Ewy, MD, and Karl Kern, MD, the physician researchers who developed this new approach to CPR.

Course Content:

2015 International Liason Committee On Resuscitation Standards

Automated External Defibrallator

CPR C -Infant, child, adult with AED

CPR HCP - Healthcare provider with AED

Courses Offered Are:

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Level C $65.00 (3-4 hours)

BLS CPR (Formally HCP CPR)                $75.00 (3-4 hours)

Emergency First Aid/CPR-C/AED             $80.00 (one day course)

Standard First Aid/CPR-C/AED                $130.00 (two day course)

Standard First Aid/CPR/BLS/AED            $185.00 (two day course)

Standard First Aid Recert                         $85.00 (one day course)

Oxygen Therapy                                       $50.00 (per person)

BLS Training

Airway Management

Automated External Defibrillator included with all courses

Emergency First Aid includes these chapters:



1) The Red Cross

2) Preparing to respond

3) Emergency medical services system

4) Check, Call, Care

5) Airway emergencies

6) Breathing and Circulation emergencies

7) Respiratory and cardiac arrest (Opioid Poisoning & Naloxone)

8) Wound Care



Emergency First Aid is completed in 6.5 to 8 hours.



Standard First Aid includes chapter 1 to 8 plus:



 9) Head and spine injuries

10) Bone, muscle, and joint injuries

11) Sudden medical emergencies

12) Environmental emergencies

13) Poisons



Standard First Aid is completed in 14 to 16 hrs.

AED is included with all courses offered at no extra charge.

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